I weave worlds as I walk.
With words to show the way

Translation and proofreading service for Spanish, English and Portuguese to Italian
Maria Elena Casasole

About me

This is me.

I am a thief in love with words. I steal them so I can move and stir them. I also create, uncreate and represent them in my stories.

From Cristopher Columbus I inherited the love of travel, and from Dante his love of words.

Don Quixote has left me his imagination and Pessoa his coming and going of identities, all multifaceted and different.

Virginia Wolf inspired me to search for my own room, a living space to develop my creativity.

I travel in differences, shorten distances and sustain dialogue with the Other.

Translation is my art. The art of changing the form without altering the essence.

My path

Training and experience
Four worlds, four languages: Italian, the most instinctive; Spanish, my adoptive language; Portuguese and English, my connecting bridges.

As far back I can remember, I have dedicated myself to the study of languages. And studying languages means questioning everything, all the time. It means living in the constant tension between adaptation and loss. Inhabiting many realities at the same time.

I graduated in Spanish, and have done various courses in specialised translation. I always keep refreshed in my profession. I have travelled the world a lot too. It is important to experience difference to be able to understand, and accept, it.

I have been translating full time since 2012. It is my work, but also my passion which I nurture with dedication, professionalism and commitment.

I am an expert in transcreation and localisation, and in writing website content, with experience in search engine optimisation.

I also write, about travel and gender, about my nostalgia, my memories and challenges for the future. I paint dark worlds, then transform them into orange.

My secret for doing things well is to question everything, as a matter of principle. To take nothing for granted and lose myself in the pleasure of thinking. It is the only way I know of to choose the right words and create the perfect balance between the real and the represented.


Fields of specialisation

Science and Medicine

Scientific articles, medical reports, clinical tests, dentistry texts and medical equipment

Technology and Automation

Manuals for industrial equipment, automotive industry, electricity, infrastructure and renewable energy

Legal texts

Contracts and agreements, notary documents, claims, certificates, academic transcripts, tax documents

Travel and Tourism

Websites and catalogues for hotel chains, tour guides and brochures, travel blogs, restaurant menus

Arts and Literature

Audio-guide scripts for tourist visits, museums and exhibitions, press releases, travel literature

Travelling words

Women exploring the world
Travelling words is my literary corner.
A lover of travel and all its nuances, I write articles and reviews on women’s travel literature. Here are some articles to discover a little more about women and their ways of being in the world

What they say about me

Collaboration experience